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Pink Hot Chocolate Recipe


- 300 ml of milk

- 1 tbsp of condensed milk (optional)

-1/2 cup of white chocolate 

-1 tsp of vanilla extract

- pink gel food color

In a saucepan, heat the milk. Add the condensed milk, chocolate, vanilla extract and pink gel food color. Stir until the chocolate is completely melted. To make it more beautiful (and yummy!!!)  add marshmallows and sprinkles. 

You can also add cinnanom to enrich the flavor!

 Enjoy it!!!






Framed Christmas Tree


-       Felt

-       Pom Poms

-       Pen

-       Shadow box

-       Twine

-       Wood Clothespins

-       Glitter Glue

-       Scissors

-       Hot Glue

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Using the template, draw in the opposite side of the felt, as many trees and stripes as you want for your frame. Cut them inside the lines. With your finger, spread the glitter glue on the edges of the trees. Let it dry for a couple seconds. With hot glue, attach the stripes on top of the tree – on its back side. Repeat the same procedure with pom poms, but this time on the front side of the tree.

Remove the back part of the frame. Using hot glue, fix the twine horizontally on the frame sides. Repeat the same procedure but this time in the vertical direction and creating nuts when the twines cross each other. Hang the trees using the clothespins.


Tips: you can also change the trees for Santa’s Boots! The tree can also be used as Christmas Cards decoration!



Gumball Machine Ornament


-          Clear ball ornament

-          65lb Cardstock paper (2 different colors)

-          M&Ms or other candies that you may prefer

-          Button

-          Hot glue

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How to

-          Using the template below, draw and cut the shapes

-          Fill your ornament with M&Ms

-          Using hot glue, attach the circle part on the top of your ornament and string the rectangle shape on the edge

-          Fold the doted lines of the biggest template part. Using hot glue, attach it to the ornament and also glue its part on the back.

-          Using hot glue attach the “turnstile” in front of your ornament’s bottom part.

-          Attach the button to the “turnstile” with hot glue.

You can also use gold stickers’ letter to write children’s names or words such as peace, love…