When my customer told me the theme of her son’s birthday party, I was not sure how I could make something different with a commercial theme. Disney Cars were her son’s passion and to make things more challenging, this had also been his last year’s birthday theme. However, I wanted to make something different for this little man. After watching the movie three times (yes I did it!!!) and feeling in love for McQueen, I came up with different ideas that made this party so special!!!

We worked with three main elements in this project: racing cars, car elements and Disney Cars’ movie characters. In the entrance, guests were welcomed with a big “Welcome Racing Fans” banner.  Each child received a VIP Access Pass with their names designed with Disney Cars logo. In order to customize each detail, we created a special stationary project with the talented Meghan from Elva M Design Studio. The kids’ table had Piston Cups sip cups, license plates on the back of each chair with each kids’ names, special placemats and Disney Cars cutlery and straws.

To bring Disney Cars to the dessert table, we made Edible Disney Cars characters and rice crispy Cozy Cones. The main characters such as Luigi, Guido, Fillmore, Sheriff and Tow Mater, were made with honey loaf. Tire cake pops, cactus macarons and a “Casa Della Tires” made with chocolate cookie, referenced the movie scenario. The cake with strawberry cream filling had an edible Lightning McQueen and Chick Hicks on the top. Trophies, tires and the famous Route 66 were also part of this beautiful dessert table that brought Disney Radiator Springs to life in this unforgettable birthday!

Photos: RDT Studio & Design ( www.rdt-studio.com )
Project & Décor: Parties by Paula
Cake, Cake Pops, Mini Cars Cakes, Macarons & Cookie House: Parties by Paula
Stationary: Elva M Design Studio ( https://elvamdesign.com )
Venue: Bumble Los Altos