Creating a Halloween party for the little ones is a bit different. I tried not making something too scary but at the same time, keep the Halloween atmosphere. In order to do that, I created cute candies such as funny Frankenstein, mummies and bats macarons. Cute spiders were Brazilian chocolate brigadeiros and vanilla cookies. My 2 year-old "babies" love the Halloween and they gave me ideas for the cake. The boy wanted a castle and a bat. The little girl wanted a witch and pumpkins. And finally, I made a skeleton. The witch was flying over the Moon. 
Blueberry and lemonade juices were served in syringes. 
"Enchanted" Popcorn was served in skulls and witch kettles. 
I hope you guys liked the pictures and it works as an inspiration for your Halloween party.

Cake, Candies and Decoration: Parties by Paula