First birthdays are always special. They celebrate the first year of discoveries, challenges and blessings of having a lovely child at home. Baby Rose’s first birthday could not be different. Their parents decided to celebrate Roses’ first birthday in one of her favorite places: the Children’s Discovery Museum. Because the birthday room has a loud decoration, they wanted something very simple but elegant that could reflect Roses’ personality. To reconcile all the animals painted in the walls and the parents’ wishes, we decided to go with a theme that includes flowers and the little puppets that little Rose loves so much. The colors that were chosen for this celebration were bright white and light yellow. The chevron design creates a link between disposable items and little puppets. The children’s table had decorated food containers, juice’s jars and a special menu for the little ones.

Puppets and flowers were also present in the invitation – a handmade invitation that was delivered at each guests’ front door with a little puppet hanging in a small bag.  Handmade cookies with little yellow roses bring the tenderness to the dessert table. Lemon cupcakes decorated with roses are around the dessert table. Little lions – one of the favorite little girl puppets – were present as white chocolates. As party favors, each guest received a clear box with animal lemon cookies such as giraffes, lions and elephants. 

Venue: Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose

Cakes, Candies and Decoration: Parties by Paula

Party Favors: Parties By Paula