Being a mother is such a blessing! You have an opportunity to be a child again and play all those games as you did when you were little. However, with so many tasks and new responsibilities, sometimes we forget about ourselves and our fancy clothes, shoes, bags …right? Not at all. 
Inspired on “Catch my Party” happy hour’s theme, we created this dress-up party for a mother who believe that wearing her high heels shoes more often could keep her femininity and tenderness always on. 
The concept was to put together a party with fashion elements and children’s activities. In order to do so, we created a visual identity that was reflected not only in the desserts and food served during the event but also in the items created for kids and party decoration. All elements in this party were dressed-up! 
The cake, shaped as a Louis Vuitton bag, was handed sculpted and had chocolate truffle filling. Next to this stunning cake, we had a Chanel sugar shoes, real size, 100% edible and based on the shoes that the hostess like the most - a peep toe shoes. 
Chocolate truffles were confectioned specially for this party in formats of a nail polish and a Chanel fragrance. Pretend make-ups were actually honey cakes with an amazing caramel filling. 
Brazilian “brigadeiros” with golden sprinkles recalled the guests that this was a fashion party and “everybody” should be dressed accordingly. Sandwiches and potato chips were also dressed-up in golden and black bags. Next to them, carrot sandwiches rolls were “wearing” their golden high heels. 
To reconcile kids and adults drinks and refreshments, we put together a Mimosa bar. This was a way for children to take advantage of the Orange and Grape juices that were served in beautiful Mason Jars, and adults could have their Prosseco topped with blueberry, strawberry or blackberry fruits. 
A big children’s table was also decorated with food boxes and golden & black balloons. Children had their names written in golden in a fancy black & white tag, put in a small juice container with a sunglass cookie. Each little guest received a craft bag with many activities to be done during the party. In addition, a face painting artist was invited to entertain the little ones with charm and style.

Decoration, Candies and stationary: Parties By Paula:

Party Consultant: Mariana Bordini

Face Painting : Joyful Expressions