Christmas is a magical season for kids. For some adults, it is time to stop and reflect about everything that they went through during the year. As Christmas is also a time to get together, I partnered with three other talented ladies to create a special Christmas project.

For this celebration we put together a modern décor with a different color pallet compared with the usual red and green. Our proposal here is to create something cozy for small spaces. We used a shelf to accommodate candies and décor objects. Rather than having a big Christmas tree, we used small Christmas trees in format of candles, wood, felt and fiber. This is a trend that you can see in some modern Christmas décor. We also used disco balls and glitter objects to give a modern look to this celebration.

To decorate the wood tree, we used mini disco balls that were supplied from Sugar Parties LA. Even the little snowman (or should I say snowgirls?) had fun with the little disco balls.

Santa - 10.jpg

The beautiful pink truffle wrappers supplied from Truffilio gave a touch of color and style to the decor. They are a good call for bridal showers, weddings or any other parties that you have in mind.  

For the stationary, I counted with Elva M. Design Studio. We wanted to runway from the obvious ideas so she created a tailor made stationary collection to reflect the same décor main objects (the nutcracker and the carrousel). The collection includes bottle wrappers, placemats, food tags, gift tags and gift wrappers. This amazing collection is available for download at Elva M. Design Studio Etsy Shop. 

Because Christmas is so special for children, we made a cozy table for them. Following the same trend, we used pillows in the floor to save space. The drink, a Pink Hot Chocolate whose recipe you can find here, was put in small bottles with straws and star cookies. The gifts also had different ornaments to entertain the little ones, such as the pinwheel and disco balls. Instead of using cupcakes, we made chocolate Panettones (these cakes are very common in Italy) decorated with bear, flamingo, Christmas tree, and Christmas car (can we call it a Christmas car ? – Yes, we can J ). And of course we cannot forget the cookies for Santa!

I hope you enjoy the decoration and it works for you as an inspiration. Meanwhile: Merry Christmas!

Project, Decor and Decorated Candies: Parties by Paula

Stationary: Elva M Design

Truffle Wrappers: Truffilio

Disco Balls: Sugar Parties LA